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Two Ways To Keep Your Sales Team Motivated

Two Ways To Keep Your Sales Team Motivated

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There are two ways to keep your sales team motivated: leadership and ABSS Accounting Software. Emotional leadership in the commercial world should involve exuberance. If you are full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness, then your staff should be too. It’s the same when it comes to sales. One common definition of ‘sales’ is the transfer of enthusiasm. If you want to sell more, be enthusiastic about your products or services with your customers, and with your sales team. If you want to keep your sales team motivated, be enthusiastic with them about themselves too. Empathy is a key trait of leadership. Empathising with your sales team is a good way to find out how to motivate your employees. While you are understanding and keeping your sales team motivated, why not combine this with ABSS Accounting Software for sales?


Emotional leadership for sales

Influencing your sales team towards the common goal of ‘keeping motivated’ can be helped by using emotional leadership strategies. To make emotional leadership strategies effective in your sales team, you need to be an emotional leader. If you are not, hire a sales manager who is. Here are three strategies for keeping your sales team motivated by emotional leadership.

  1. Emotional leaders can influence their sales team through “emotional contagion.” Being in an optimistic mood will positively influence your sales team by instilling a positive outlook in each sales rep. A charismatic leader can inspire feelings of confidence in a sales team’s ability to achieve higher than average sales targets too.
  2. Emotional leadership can use ‘affective tone’ to create a positive collective mood in your sales team. A sales team that has a leader who is continually in a positive mood will engender more positive feelings towards each other than a sales team who’s a leader does not convey a positive mood. The perceived effectiveness of group processes such as coordination, collaboration and sales strategy can also affect the emotions of individual sales reps.
  3. Emotional leaders can use public expressions of mood to influence how sales reps think and act in relation to other sales team reps. Demonstrating positive emotions such as happiness or satisfaction, publicly, signals that sales team leaders acknowledge good progress toward sales targets. These signals influence how sales reps think about their work, and this can improve how they work together to achieve the sales department’s targets.


ABSS Accounting Software for Sales

When you have purchased and installed your ABSS Accounting Software, you will see the benefits at the touch of a button. Managing sales with your ABSS Accounting Software is easy.

You will be able to monitor the effectiveness of your emotional leadership and keeping your sales team motivated through the increase in sales on your ABSS Accounting Software. Our software allows you to issue quotations, receive orders as well as invoice your customers.

Make ABSS Accounting Software part of your emotional leadership strategy for keeping your sales team motivated by sharing the sales results with them. You can stay on top of your sales figures all the time with ABSS Accounting Software’s sales features.

Use ABSS’s Accounting software sales features to keep your sales team motivated by:

  1. Being optimistic about sales figures and meeting or exceeding sales targets. Use ABSS Accounting Software for sales management, sales performance, goal setting, sales forecast and sales strategy
  2. Creating a positive mood in your sales team by updating them on the sales figures regularly and appropriately using ABSS Accounting Software. At ABSS’ own offices, we have encouraging quotes hanging on our office walls!
  3. Announcing publicly that you are happy and satisfied, or even delighted, with the sales team’s performance. Give your sales team a motivational speech based on your ABSS Accounting Software sales figures. Don’t forget to remind them about their sales commission too.

As an SME leader, try generating employee motivation by combining your emotional leadership with ABSS Accounting Software for employee engagement activities. It’s an effective way to keep your sales team motivated.

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