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Social media can influence your business for minimal cost. For an SME leader, it can be difficult to know which social media will be effective for your business. You may already have tried out, or be using, social media platforms for marketing or other aspects of your business. If you are not fully satisfied with your return on investment, keep looking at different social media.

New social media coming all the time. Social media is fashion driven. Catching the wave of new trends will help your business to grow. Keep looking for new trends in social media. Take a look at Pinterest if you haven’t already.


Marketing Using Images

Pinterest, Inc. is a social media web and mobile application company. It operates a software system designed to enable the discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images and, to a lesser extent, GIFs and videos. If your business relies to any extent on images, then Pinterest may give more value addition to your business than other social media. Pinterest drives traffic back to your company website and helps increase the overall awareness of your brand or business.


Inspiring Purchasing Decisions

Pinterest is different from other social media networks because it focuses more on research and inspiration. Facebook and Instagram focus more on sharing information or posting about your life. Pinterest is for inspiration and research, and this influences purchase decisions. Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share visual content, similar to Instagram.

Visual images add colour and flair to your business. They spark the imagination of your target customer. They enhance the emotional impact of your brand messaging in many ways. Images may make a browsing customer linger just long enough to decide to buy a product or service from you.

Pinterest allows you to organise and share online images. Once uploaded or shared on Pinterest, these images become known as Pins, which the user can place on customized, themed Boards.

Every ‘Pin’ you make can be linked back to your website or other content. A board is a collection of Pins that usually share a common theme. You can create new boards around any topic from accounting software to cooking.


Unique Pinterest Features

Pinterest has some unique features that make it appealing to those that might not respond to marketing on other platforms.

  • Boards: Boards are containers of similarly categorized content; each board contains content with a similar theme or interest
  • Secret boards: Secret boards are the same as boards, except no one but you or those you’ve invited to Pin on that board with you is able to see a secret board; you can make a secret board public at any time
  • Group boards: Group boards work the same as regular boards except there are multiple pinners sharing content on a group board

Interest in Pinterest

When you are deciding which social media in most effective for your marketing compare your options.

  • Pinterest reaches 83 percent of all women aged 25 to 54 in the United States. This is more than Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter
  • Pinterest pins last 1,600 times longer than a Facebook post
  • 78 percent of Pinterest users say that content from a business has helped them make better purchasing decisions
  • 60 percent of Pinterest users say they’ve discovered a new brand or product from Pinterest
  • Pinterest users spend 29 percent more on purchases than users from other social media sites
  • 87 percent of Pinterest user say they purchased a product or service they didn’t know about previously after seeing it on Pinterest

Source: Pinterest Survey

Pinterest offers you a different take on social media marketing. By using Pinterest effectively, you can grow your website traffic, increase leads, email subscriptions and sales. If your SME business relies a lot on images, then Pinterest may be a new channel that you can explore to add value to your business.

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