A quick guide to Singapore GST
A quick guide to Singapore GST
Five Reasons Customer Service Is Important to Your Business
Five Reasons Customer Service Is Important to Your Business
Five Signs You'd Make a Great Boss

Five Signs You'd Make a Great Boss

Great bosses are unforgettable. Most of us have worked with a boss, manager or colleague that we will never forget, not always for good reasons. Bad bosses may have caused us a lot of problems and even caused us to leave. Good bosses exhibit a mixture of leadership qualities and leadership skills including good decision-making, fairness and openness, a balanced mix of leadership and strategic management. A great boss is one you will always think of in terms of the most positive things that he or she did for you, for other colleagues and the company. You will also probably forget those little mistakes that he, or she, made along the way. If you are really interested in learning how to be a good manager, then figure out the characteristics of a leader that will make yourself unforgettable for the right reasons. Here are five signs that you may be up to the job in the future.


As a boss, you don’t need to be liked, you need to be respected. Hitting your company goals will help with this. Sharing the benefits fairly and equitably is also essential if you want to retain your staff and stay on a growth trajectory. Signs that you’d make a great boss are visible and invisible. Having a track record isn’t always a reliable visible sign. Maybe you were just lucky; right time, right place. When it comes to being smart and getting the job done well, you may want to use accounting software to streamline your business. Learning how to use accounting software as part of your business strategy will improve your company’s performance. 


Poor communicators can be toxic. You never know where your boss is, what he is thinking or planning and he, or she, may even monitor you at work and outside the office. A good boss will share results openly and regularly. Using good accounting software will make this easy for you. A great boss will do this with judgement, timing and clarity. ABSS accounting software helps you communicate clearly with your stakeholders through automated invoices, late payment reminders and tax calculations, including GST. 


Getting passionate about accounting can sometimes be difficult. Detailed tax returns, endless invoices, banking and other tedious aspects of the business aren’t usually key drivers of employee motivation, even when you are earning good profits. A great boss will remind you of all the time and energy that you are saving by using great accounting software. How this impacts your bottom-line, saving and making money for the company and how reducing the stress of mundane bookkeeping and accounting is freeing up time for a more balanced working life. Get passionate about using ABSS accounting software and all its benefits. 


A truly great boss will be an enlightened person. Someone who is accurately and currently informed about all aspects of the company and the current business situation. They will also spot hidden leaders, transform new and existing staff into high performers and build a positive work culture in your SME. ABSS accounting software provides you with accurate, current information on your balance sheet and other crucial aspects of your small business so that you can find out where your business is exactly at any given time. 


Great bosses are honest, but not stupid. Being too honest can be dangerous. No one likes a liar, but you will probably never forget the time or times, your great boss solved a problematic situation by influencing with the right words, actions or decisions that got the desired result. Excellent accounting software will help you spot creative accounting and help you to protect your small business.


Legacy is what truly great bosses leave behind when they move on or retire. Using, or switching to, good accounting software will improve your small business’ performance. Using ABSS accounting software for your SME facilitates respect, communication, passion, insight and honesty. Take a look at ABSS’ accounting software.


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