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5 Ways to Improve Your Team’s Productivity

Having the right people in the right roles is just the start!

Don’t confuse being busy with being productive. Productive people don’t work all the time. Productivity is a measure of how much work is done in a given amount of time. So becoming more productive at work means that you will have more time for other activities, including achieving a good work-life balance. Sound interesting? It should do. Becoming more productive should be a business goal for you as an SME leader. Then getting your staff to become more productive, as a team, should follow naturally. Here are five ways to improve your SME team’s productivity.

1. Productive leadership

Be a good example. Remember you are a leader of your SME. This means your position allows you to influence your staff. Use it wisely. Position alone does not equate to leadership. Position plus behaviour does. For you to be or become a productive leader of your SME, you will need to improve your productivity first. Then you can show your staff how to be, or how to become more productive.

2. Productive time management

The more work a person gets done during their time at work, the more productive that person is. In order to be more productive, excellent time management skills are essential. We all have less productive days, but our overall productivity should be high from one month to the next. How can you achieve this? Start by assessing how you currently use your time and the consequent output. Then create a time management strategy. Keep it simple, then max it.

Try creating a time diary or productivity planner. Just jot down what you do each day, when, what and for roughly how long. There are many features in our products like recurring billing that can automate a lot of your invoicing workload – start working smarter, not harder.

3. Productivity tools

Having the right tools, and knowing how to use them, will help you get the job done more productively. Accounting software is one of these tools. Accounting software gets your accounting done quicker, better and more efficiently than manual accounting. After you have done your accounting needs assessment, decided on your budget, surveyed the market for suitable accounting software and made your accounting software purchase you need to implement. When you are comfortable using your new accounting software, then sharing relevant information with key staff will improve your SME’s overall productivity. Accounting software improves empowerment and increases productivity.

We have recently introduced some great tools into our products that not only save you time on data entry but will reduce any errors and provide a better view of cashflows.

4. Dream Teams

“How’s it going at work?” often elicits mixed responses. Complaints about bosses, selfish colleagues, pay levels, and even cash flow problems abound. Collaboration is a key business goal for SMEs, but it doesn’t always happen. Short-term training or business school education often focuses on team building. In Asia, and globally, individual motivations and aspirations often get in the way, especially for project management. Getting your staff to work together as a team can be achieved by identifying their motivations first, this will drive employee engagement. Using project management software is one way to increase productivity in your team. Project management software helps you quickly and clearly improve the productivity of a project. This leaves you more time for the mentoring and monitoring needed to shape your dream team.

5. Decrease distractions

Most of us spend too much time with our handphones (just ask my wife) Addictive social media can waste a lot of time, at home and in the workplace. Some businesses ban Facebook in the office. However, the staff still find ways to get around this. So why don’t you tell all your staff that you only use your handphone during lunch break, or you only check it every hour or so? Culture is key in driving your teams, not orders. Take time to sit down and list all the distractions you face during your working day, if these are a distraction to you, it’s likely these are also a distraction to your teams. Cut some of them out. Those unnecessary chats with friends elsewhere, those phone calls and emails that you don’t need to answer.

Improve your team’s productivity with leadership, time and ABSS accounting software.





Rhys Brown
Chief Operating Officer
Asian Business Software Solutions







Rhys Brown
Rhys Brown
Our COO, Rhys is a 20-year veteran of the accounting software industry, having held senior management roles with both MYOB & ABSS Ltd spanning China, South East Asia and New Zealand. As a founding shareholder, Rhys brings a background in technology with a passion for helping small businesses grow and thrive.

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