Is Now the Time to Change Your Accounting Software?
Things to Do When Switching to a New Accounting Software
Things to Do When Switching to a New Accounting Software
Your Business Needs to Go Paperless

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Going paperless isn’t just environmentally friendly, it’s business-friendly too. If you have a social conscience, you may think about how to save or recycle paper at home. Why not do the same thing for your business and save time, money and stress while you are doing it? Cutting down the amount of paper you use is easy. Using ABSS accounting software makes this easy too. Both are good for your small business. So why not try going paperless by using ABSS accounting software, it’s good for your small business environment. 

Going paperless

Transitioning your company to a paper-free environment involves planning and may require an external consultant to smooth the process. You can get up to 70% Government Subsidy (PSG) to implement ABSS Premier software package or ABSS Premier Plus software package, and get trained by Chartered Accountant too. The first thing to do after you make the decision to go paperless is choosing the right business software. So, for your accounting needs, take a look at what ABSS offers. Then there are online payments, document management systems, and security software for company-wide password management systems. Data management involves archiving and backing up all sensitive and confidential data. You’ll need storage policies in place so that employees who don’t understand the technology don’t accidentally disclose confidential information. For the more mundane processes, such as scheduling appointments, take a look at productivity apps


Benefits of going paperless

Fewer mistakes

People make mistakes. When you take your business paperless, you should be able to cut down on the number and seriousness of mistakes. This includes fewer accounting mistakes. Forms that are digitally scanned rather than typed into a database should have fewer errors. Fewer mistakes mean cost reduction, not just financial but the time you spend finding and correcting accounting mistakes too, not to mention the emotional savings like stress reduction. 

Cost savings

Think of how many sheets of paper you use each working week and the time it takes to store or move each piece of paper around. Going paperless means no more filing cabinets. Document management is made easy by digital filing systems. No more paper is shredding for confidential documents either. Your initial investment to go paperless doesn’t have to cost very much. You can test it out by trying some free-software first. Try using ABSS Accounting Software. You’ll see the cost savings quickly. 

Better customer service

Going paperless will help you to serve your customers faster. Digitising your internal processes should increase your number of customers. You’ll also be better able to make your current customers satisfied by being able to answer their questions faster. If a client requests an invoice and you can send it digitally, or better even automatically, rather than looking for a hard copy, you’ll save a lot of time.

Positive work culture

The next big hurdle to this transition is training. Some employees may feel overwhelmed by all the changes. It is well known that millennials are tech-savvy. Millennials also prefer a flexible work environment. So when you start using accounting software, or a document management system and keep your files in the cloud, your millennial employees should be more engaged as well as enjoy more flexibility. Is an employee off sick but wants to work from home? If you’ve already gone paperless, they can access all their files online and still meet their important deadlines.


Cybersecurity is arguably the biggest threat to small business globally at the moment. Cyber attacks can wipe out your small business, fast. So when you go paperless, good cybersecurity is a must. Once you have gone paperless and you have backups of all your files saved in the cloud, you won’t have to worry about a fire or other disaster destroying your most important documents. Make sure your cybersecurity is up to scratch. 


Going paperless is a global trend. The sooner you get your small business ‘on-trend’, the better. Take a free trial of ABSS accounting software and see the difference it makes to you and your business.

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