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Everyone likes to get paid. The faster the better. SMEs owners face a multitude of basic administration tasks that can eat up your time and energy. As the whole world becomes increasingly more digitized, your SME must follow suit. Ranging from payroll to online payments, you will need the right business software to make your business work. Start by reimagining your business. Reimagine invoice payments.


Reimagine Cash Flow

Getting paid quickly makes your cash flow more secure. No matter what you do in business if you don’t have a healthy cash flow, you will face serious problems or even go bust. If you find yourself waiting longer and longer for payments, take a look at developments in FinTech. Do your research. There are a number of smart solutions that will cut your payment times, reduce bad debts and boost your cash flow.


Reimagine your Payments

Think of the time you spend right now on payments. Reimagine your business if you can do most things, or everything, at the click of a button. How easy would that be? Reimagine your business if you could try, for free, to get paid faster, more securely and improve your cash flow. Reimagine if you could cut the hassle out of payments by sending invoices easily, providing a better service to your customer and save time by automating everything. Integrating your business by using integrated products provides a host of benefits. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, try one.


Reimagine in Real Time

In Malaysia, SMEs take an average of 90 days to receive payments. Accumulating bad debts causes all kinds of problems. Saving time can be done on accounts as well as payments. Cutting your payments time by up to 75% can be achieved simply by using integrated business software. Reimagine your business if you could;

  • Put an end to chasing late payers by tracking the status of each invoice
  • Take control of your sales process
  • See your accounts and invoices automatically updated in real-time

Automating your business is simple and fast. You will notice the difference quickly. Once you have automated your business start interconnecting it. Create a dashboard for all your business. Then sit back and oversee key activities in your SME running smoothly. This will also allow you to tweak and polish different aspects of your business as you monitor it. Grow fast, grow smoothly.


Reimagine Costs

If you are ever put off using any service by the size of the fee have a little think about it. Time is the most expensive thing in the world. It doesn’t have to take a lot of investment to get the right business software to action invoice payments. Saving time will outweigh the costs incurred by buying and learning new business software.

If you are new to ABSS, start by subscribing. If you are already using ABSS, select a product and we will assist you on what you need to do to sign up for invoice payments.


Reimagine Security

Getting the job done without losing your money is getting more and more difficult. It can be heart breaking to do a good job, get paid, and then see everything disappear at the touch of a button. Cyber security awareness is as important as everything else in your business. Cyber crime is rising exponentially globally. Invoice payments are a secure payment service. If you accept credit or debit card payments, you need to meet certain security standards to comply with data protection. Let your invoicing software take care of security for you.


Reimagine your Business

Global trends moving from Information Technology (IT) to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) means that, in the near future, integrating your SME business is inevitable. Follow the trends or, even better, stay ahead of the curve. Imagine a new business world where everything and everyone is interconnected. Then reimagine your business. Start by reimaging your invoice payments.

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