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Is E-commerce Right For Your Business?


Deciding to get your business involved in e-commerce may depend on your aspirations. How ambitious are you? If you are running a traditional business, then transitioning to e-commerce may not be interesting for you. But beware! The business world is changing fast. If you don’t move with the times, you may face becoming obsolete. Just look at the transition from photographs to digital pictures. There are many more similar trends happening right now. Take a look at content marketing (like this blog!).

Digitalisation in the advertising and media industries is expanding rapidly. Get your small business on trend. If you don’t, you may go bankrupt.


E-commerce basics

To make the transition from a traditional business to e-commerce, start with the basics. You will need an attractive, well-functioning website. This is the point of reference for all your business. There are many low-cost, easy to use options available on the market; take a look at WordPress or Wix. You can build your website, or you can use the options available, to let the website provider design the website for you. You can also hire a website designer if you need a lot of functionality.


E-commerce platforms

If you decide to transition partially or entirely to e-commerce, then you will need a platform. All businesses need a platform to stand on. Then the market can see you. An e-commerce platform is a software application that allows online businesses to manage their website, sales and operations. E-commerce platforms offer powerful ways to run a business; integrating with common business tools enabling you to centralize operations, and run your business more effectively. Take a look at https://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/ecommerce-platforms/. Get going building your online business by adding in a shopping cart for online shopping. Then watch your sales figures grow.


Pros and Cons

The most important value addition of e-commerce to any business is increasing your market reach. You will need to be able to manage the resulting increase in business. This may happen very quickly. So, be prepared to maximise it through your e-commerce business model.


  • among the top advantages of starting an e-commerce business are eliminating geographical limitations
  • gaining new customers with search engine visibility (SEO)
  • lower fixed costs for maintenance and rent
  • increased capacity for sales; goods and deliveries


  • the core disadvantages of starting an e-commerce business include losing the personal touch of physical retailers. Your HR function will change too
  • supply chain changes causing delayed goods or services deliveries with increased admin
  • bottlenecks due to limited availability of merchandise as some goods cannot be sold online


Why e-commerce might not work for your business

Don’t get sucked into the e-commerce rush if it’s not right for your business, at the present time. Do you want the extra business? If the costs outweigh the benefits, then don’t go there. Here are some reasons why:

  • No e-commerce marketing plan – Most online sales start with a search. You will need to look in to search engine optimization and search marketing strategy
  • No visibility in a crowded market place – Use Google rankings; 36% of customers start their search for a product on Amazon, while 35% start on Google. Ranking on Google for your product keywords is an effective marketing strategy
  • Poor quality content – Align the quality of your content with your products and services. Include videos, images and podcasts. This will build your overall brand

Even if your business is currently in its comfort zone, don’t be complacent. The business world is evolving rapidly. You may think that you don’t need e-commerce for your business, at the moment. Take a look at e-commerce as a way to expand your business. If you don’t, you may go out of business.


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