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Stress is one of the most significant sources of ill-health in modern business life. Knowing how to destress effectively at work will help your business. After all, if you can’t enjoy what you have worked for, then you are wasting your time. Stress management is a big field, and rightly so. Seeing the wood from the trees with so many ‘self-help’ books and similar genres can create stress itself by trying to find the right solutions for you.


Sources of stress

There are many debates about various perspectives on the causes of stress. Renowned business author Jim Collins concludes, “It is more about what you do to yourself than what the world does to you that matters.” You are more likely to be the source of your stress than others.

One simple strategy to start to minimise this source of stress is ‘self-knowledge’. Research psychologist and author of ‘Flow’, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi informs us that, “Self-knowledge is important because it works.” So how can you increase your self-knowledge and how can this help you to de-stress at work?



What causes you stress in your current workplace? Is it your boss, or that annoying colleague, or dummies that you have to deal with in the external market, or your siblings or family at home? Or all of them? Learning how to respond effectively to sources of stress is a good start.

  • Stay away from areas under construction if you are noise sensitive
  • If you get frustrated sitting in traffic, then take a Grab or Uber
  • If you find yourself easily brought down by negative people or places, then avoid them
  • Learn to say ‘No’
  • Don’t be too nice to people


Clear the toxic people and places out of your life. Other people are unlikely to change so you should work on changing yourself and learn new ways to respond better to sources of stress by changing your routine, including what you say to people, how and when.



The Japanese are often regarded as a unique nation with a unique culture. The Japanese word ‘Ikigai’ means ‘a reason for living’. It is intended to help you find your purpose in life. Do you work to live or live to work? A new book by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles says a few changes in your daily routine away from a sedentary life makes us feel better inside and out:

  • Walk to work or go on a walk for at least twenty minutes each day – skip lunch and go to the park
  • Use your feet instead of a lift or escalator – if you work on a low floor of an office building. This is good for your posture, your muscles, and your respiratory system
  • Join in social or leisure activities so that you don’t become a couch potato – once or more per week, in the evenings
  • Replace junk food with fruit so you’ll have less of an urge to snack – pick up a small box on your way to work if you can’t be bothered to prepare it yourself
  • Get a reasonable amount of sleep, seven to nine hours, any more may make you lethargic – early to bed, early to rise
  • Play with pets, play a game or join a sports team. This strengthens your body, boosts your mind and creates self-esteem – Are you allowed to have pets in your office?
  • Be more aware of your daily routine so that you can identify harmful habits and replace them with positive ones – eating muesli for breakfast instead of street food


Change your routines

Learning to de-stress at work should involve changing your routines. This includes the people that you interact with and how you interact with them. Start changing your routine before you even get to work.

  • Walk don’t drive
  • Exercise at lunchtime
  • Work flexi hours to avoid traffic
  • Listen to music for 30 minutes on your new headphones
  • Get involved in stress release games like playing cards or joining a new sports team playing ping pong or badminton once a week

No workplace doesn’t involve stress. Positive stress is good. Negative stress can be minimised or eliminated by changing your position and routines and then destressing, managing and releasing stress with games and other activities.

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