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ABSS and Pagero Partnership in Supporting E-Invoicing

ABSS Pagero Partnership

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As of February 2020, Pagero and ABSS went live with their partnership in Singapore to bring Peppol enablement seamlessly to the ABSS user community. Collaboration between two industry leaders brings several benefits to SME’s in the region, allowing the community to use ABSS’ leading accounting software and connecting to Pageros’ global network fully accredited by the IMDA as a Peppol access point.

The partnership was established to give the ABSS user community access to the Peppol infrastructure, essentially enabling these businesses to transact digitally with thousands of companies registered in the open, global network. Full digitisation of these transactions allows businesses to improve their overall efficiency whilst eliminating the labour-intensive processes of data entry and document conversion. All business documents are then sent and received directly from the ABSS software to or from the relevant trading partner.

­­­­­By using the Peppol network to transact, businesses will benefit from improved data quality, as the Peppol infrastructure has a standardised format, and the receiver’s information is validated in the network. According to IMDA, the average cost of rectifying an error is $8 SGD per document, businesses can now eliminate that cost by transacting via the network.

Pagero and ABSS are currently offering a promotion where ABSS users can sign up with Peppol network, and start sending or receiving E-Invoices for free till 31 July’20. This can be done directly from ABSS accounting software to provide a seamless experience, allowing users to benefit first-hand from what can be achieved by being 100% digital throughout the entire supply chain ecosystem.

“We have been a Peppol access point for almost 10 years, in countries all over the world, and have seen the immense benefits this infrastructure brings to its markets and businesses, through improved efficiency, and full end-to-end digitalisation. Together with ABSS, we look forward to successfully bringing these benefits to the business community in Singapore”- Karan

Rhys Brown, CEO of ABSS says, “We are excited about the partnership. Together we bring improved invoicing efficiency to over 30,000 Singapore SMEs. ABSS accounting solutions combined with the Pagero technology framework will help SMEs save time, reduce errors and improve business prosperity in Singapore.”

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