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5 Ways To Increase Creativity In Your Workplace

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You don’t have to be in a creative industry to increase creativity in your workplace. In most companies, the creative mindset is missing. Creativity often comes to you at times and in places that you are not expecting.

As an SME leader, you cannot force creativity to happen, but you can develop a creative workplace. A creative workplace will inspire a creative mindset. Then you can manage a more creative workflow between your staff and add value to your business.


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We all hear the buzzwords; ‘leadership’ and ‘innovation’ about lots of businesses. Are you truly a leader or an innovator? If you are, then you will also be creative. Use this talent to increase your business. Here are five ways to increase creativity in your workplace:


  1. If you are creative, then share your creativity.

    Don’t keep it all to yourself. Influence your staff to start being creative or to become even more creative. Think about setting them tests or at least projects. Then you can assess where they are and how to mentor them to be more creative. When employees are asked for new, creative ideas, it’s natural for highly talented people to become competitive. People often want to be recognised for having a “big idea.” Encourage collaboration rather than competition. Assure them they will be recognised for their creative contribution. Remember, creating a better business model for your company will increase your business.

  2. If you are not creative, then hire someone who is.

    Not everyone is creative. You don’t need to be creative if you can piggyback on other’s creativity. Remember the Steve Jobs quote: “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” It’s the same for creatives. When you hire super creative new staff, they will increase creativity in you and your other staff. Harness this to improve your business. If your new hires are not delivering new creativity to your workplace, try transforming them. Building creative teams increase the value of your business.  

  3. Get an outsider’s perspective.

    If you are working hard or don’t have much spare time to step back and take a good look at things, get someone else’s opinion. A different pair of eyes might point out the obvious, to them. It should offer at least one new perspective on your business, maybe more. If you are a solutions provider, then your messaging should be positive, not negative. It should be clear and helpful, not basic or hard to understand. Often an outsider’s perspective should quickly help you see clearly new ways to increase creativity in your workplace. Take these suggestions onboard. Use them to make your business better.

  4. Make time to be creative.

    The daily grind may just mean that you don’t have time to be creative. If you are caught up in customer care or paperwork or accounts, your time and energy may be limited. This may also sap your creativity. Make time, even a few minutes, each day or as often as possible to think clearly about a more creative approach to what you are already doing. This ‘creative thinking time’ should be filled with; stimulating conversations, reading inspiring books, listening to jazz music, or researching the latest informative news or research from around the world.

  5. Be exuberant about creativity.

    Remember you are so lucky to be able to be creative. You are also lucky to be able to do what you do, run your own business and many other things. One way to show gratitude is to be exuberant about what you are creating. Fill your efforts with energy and passion for finding new ways to get things done. Share your exuberance with people inside and outside your business. It is attractive.


Creativity in the workplace is important. Creativity in your workplace adds value to your business.

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